Storipress is proud to announce that we have received Angel funding from the Shearwater Growth, Boson Ventures, and Startmate. Storipress is Shearwater's first Angel investment and is joining other great companies, Earlytrade, Playground XYZ, Diffuse Energy, Fuel50, Amber Electric, Lyka, Zero Co, and SalesPreso.

Thank you to Zac Zavos, Mike Gregg, Jordao Soares, and Vadim Petrichenko for their investment - we look forward to working with you to power the future of storytelling.

The investment will allow Storipress to bring its global vision of better media publishing tools to indie publishers.

We are changing the way publishers create content. Our commercial model removes multi-vendor complexity through a vertically integrated software product. With our seat-based flat-fee model, publishers can be free from variable bandwidth charges and experience a pricing model that more fairly aligns with the value they get from their collaboration software.

Storipress' software product is not only applicable to enterprise publishers, with Storipress being designed to be easy to use for even solo, non-professional bloggers.

Shearwater Growth is a $50m venture fund. Shearwater’s three founding partners are Charles Gibbon (ex-Chair and current Non-Executive Director of WiseTech Global), Mike Gregg (Non-Executive Director of WiseTech Global), and Zac Zavos (founder of Conversant Media, acquired by ASX-listed HT&E)