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From newsrooms to collectives, Storipress is a publishing platform for creator teams making media brands. All the tools you need; in a single, no code platform.


See your whole workflow at a glance. Ditch the spreadsheet and manage your editorial workflow 2x faster.

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"Storipress is a game changer. Collaboration in Storipress knocks WordPress out of the park and lets us have a single source of truth."
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Luca Talotta
Publisher, TimeItalia

Article Board

Articles are grouped into drafts, for review and reviewed on an interactive editorial workflow board.

Calendar View

Schedule with context on a full-screen calendar that shows all your prior and future scheduled articles.

Individualised Permissions

Articles are organised into content ‘desks’ with their own individualised permissions.
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Collaborative, visual editing: the editor you've dreamt about in your publishing platform.

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"Storipress essentially replaces our tech team and frees our content teams to focus on what they love."
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Mauro Carturan
Publisher, MilanoSportiva
Jraft's collaborative editor in action

Collaborative Editing

Collaborative editing built in — a first for a blogging platform.

Insert Anything

Markdown, HTML, YouTube bookmark cards, & more.

Tools for Editors

Leave editor comments on articles, see when alt-text is missing, & approve articles for publication.
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Turn your blog into a brand. The only site builder designed for publications.

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“WordPress eat your heart out! Storipress integrates beautiful editorial & turnkey distribution with workflow & monetisation tools tailor-made for both publishers & bloggers.”
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Bruce Tulloch
Executive Director

Designed for Publications

Storipress' Builder introduces a component based approach which makes making publications simple.

Ultimate Performance

Optimised for SEO, publications on Storipress load 50% faster than the NY Times.

100+ customisable blocks

Storipress comes with over 100+ customisable blocks to design your publication, or code your own.
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Powered by Amazon Web Services

Built to scale, using the same network as Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, Slack, and Adobe. Storipress scales from the first visitors to first million — instantly.

Next-gen image optimisation

All images are resized, optimised and converted to WebP, a next gen image format that loads 35+% faster than JPEG for a better reader experience.
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Coming soon: Public API Access

Query & mutate content using our upcoming public GraphQL API to build custom workflows.