Content Guidelines

Effective Date: 27 March, 2024

Storipress is a place for those creating content. Our mission is to allow you to create content that resonates with your audience. The below guidelines outline what is and is not acceptable on Storipress.

We have the exclusive right to interpret and enforce these guidelines, although we may consult outside experts, research, and industry best practices in doing so. If you encounter content that may be in breach of these guidelines or have any questions about them, you can email us at [email protected].

If we determine that any content is in breach of these guidelines, we may remove it, hide it from public view, or impose other restrictions. For repeat or serious offenders, we reserve the right to remove your publication from our platform.

Finally, this is an evolving document: we reserve the right to update these Content Guidelines at our discretion and without notice.


Storipress is a space space for all types of content. However, we also strongly believe that some types of content should never be published. As basic rule, Storipress does not allow harassment or threats to be made on our platform.


Please respect other's intellectual property, and refrain from infringing on their privacy or any other legal rights. Don't use Storipress to publish anything that is in violation of laws or regulations. You, and you alone are responsible for the content you publish on Storipress, and are liable for any harm caused by the content you publish.

Hate speech

Storipress cannot be used to publish content or fund initiatives that call for, glorify, celebrates, downplays, or trivialises violence, exclusion, or segregation based on individuals or groups. This includes the use of scientific or pseudoscientific claims to pathologize, dehumanise, or disempower others. Storipress does not allow publications which publish content that calls for intolerance, exclusion, or segregation based on protected characteristics, nor do we allow the glorification of groups which do any of the above. We also don't allow hateful text, images, symbols, or other content in your username, profile, or bio.

Private Information

You are not allowed to publish or post another person's private information (such as phone number and address) without their express authorisation and permission. Threatening to, or incentivising others to expose private information is also not allowed.

Harmful and illegal activities

Content that promotes harmful or illegal activities, including material that advocates, threatens, or glorifies self-harm, such as cutting, eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, and suicide, or harm to other people or animals, is prohibited.

Spam and phishing

You are not allowed to create publications for spamming or phishing purposes. Don't spam when interacting with others on Storipress, such as comments, discussion threads, or email replies.

Graphic content

Laws on graphic content vary by geography. Storipress' policy on graphic content are that:

  • It must be legal;
  • Content that gratuitously graphic or disturbing, the extent of which we deem is more harmful than beneficial to society, is not allowed to be published using our platform.
  • It cannot promote the sexual or violent exploitation of minors, including the sexualisation of fictional minors; and
  • We may hide it from our discovery features.

If you break the rules

Storipress always strives to be fair, but we reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove content, without notice of or any reason, particularly to protect our services, infrastructure, users, or community. If we are forced to do so, we will endeavour to provide you with a download link to all prior content published on our platform, but we cannot guarantee the timeliness of this service. If you attempt to evade suspension by creating new accounts or posts, we will suspend your new accounts.

Contact us

If you have questions regarding this Policy or about the privacy practices of Storipress, please contact us by email at [email protected], or at:

Albion Media Pty. Ltd.
8 Brewer Ave.,
Liberty Grove, NSW 2138