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A Launch Exclusive

During launch, get a heavily discounted plan to Storipress Prophet and help support our development.

Help us change how businesses sell.

In 2022, Storipress aimed to revolutionize how companies sell by addressing the shortcomings of existing AI outbound tools. These tools prioritized data quantity over quality, resulting in cold, ineffective emails.

The world's best customer data comes from Google, which leverages real-time user behavior and content understanding. By vertically integrating content, B2B businesses can adopt this approach.

Storipress mission is to turn every company in the world into Google, automating content distribution, email collection, and reader tracking. This ML-ops approach builds unparalleled customer data to feed AI for automated outbound.

In a watershed moment, using the data you gain from your content-ops, Storipress Prophet can achieve as high as 40% email response rates compared to the industry average email response rate of 1-2%.

Come with us on this journey as we change how businesses sell, forever.
As part of Prophet's launch, we're offering 50 Prophet Founders Edition Plans. Here's what to do to redeem it:

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And you're good to go!
Prophet Founders Edition
$1,500 a Year, forever
Prophet retails for ~$5,000+ a year.
  • Unlimited use of Prophet (no article # limits)
  • 1,000 collected leads / year
  • 1x Admin Seat to Plus Workflow
  • Unlimited AI cold sales emails for each lead
  • Assisted set up from the team
  • Exclusive ProductHunt channel on Slack
  • A personal thank you card from the founder, mailed to you

Founders Edition FAQ

What happens after I buy the Founders Edition?
After you complete your purchase, you will be redirected to create an account on Storipress Workflow to connect your CMS. Prophet requires customized setup for each site, and once this is done, you'll receive an email from the team to set up an implementation call.

For most customers, setup requires the installation of a simple <head> script. However, if you're running a CMS we don't have a no code integration for yet, you'll need assistance from our team to get everything up and running.
Can Prophet be used without Storipress Workflow?
Prophet can work without Storipress Workflow. However, we strongly suggest using Prophet together with Storipress Workflow for better results.

When Prophet is used with Storipress Workflow, it can better understand the content and format it in a way that works best for the AI. Workflow also enables Prophet to mark specific paragraphs with identified pain points to help the weighting of pain points using viewport tracking.

All of your existing content from your CMS is pulled into Storipress when you connect Workflow to your site.
What AI models does Storipress use?
Storipress Workflow uses GPT-4 for the AI copy generation, rewriting, and automatic social share caption features. Mixtral 8x7b via Groq is used for the style guide and brand voice linter.

Prophet uses a combination of Claude 3.0 Opus and fine-tuned GPT-4 throughout various data processing steps.
How does pricing work after I exceed 5,000 leads?
Storipress Prophet is currently an Enterprise product selling to large companies. As such, we're still working out what the best public pricing is for Prophet.

However, Storipress is committed to having transparent, public pricing, even for our enterprise services. As we continue to go to market, we plan to release public pricing later this year. This public pricing will apply when you exceed 5,000 collected leads.

For guidance, future public pricing will be built around a combination of our COGs (that being the number of articles you currently have and the amount of leads you collect) and performance metrics (your % email response rate above 1% for a given period).
How do I add my existing subscriber or lead list?
Contact the team and we will import your existing leads for you. As Prophet implements tracking using a 1st party cookie, you will still need to have these users authenticate on your site for Prophet's tracking to work. Reach out to the team for customized implementation guidance to assist you.
What is Storipress Workflow?
Storipress Workflow is the only purpose built workflow platform designed for scaling blogs and only blogs. Its because of this laser-focus that within a year of launch, we're confident to say Storipress Workflow is already leagues ahead in featureset compared to other content workflow platforms (which in addition to blogs, also do native social, video, and more).
What is an Workflow Admin Seat?
In Storipress Workflow, you only pay for Admins. Admins are able to set the articles of all team members live. Collaborators are users who can set their own articles live, but not anyone else's. Collaborators are free, and unlimited.
Can I have a demo of Prophet?
Can I have a trial of Workflow?
Yes. Sign up to a 2 week trial here.
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