Jraft's collaborative editor in action

An innovative pricing model

Priced like a collaboration tool, Storipress only charges for each of your publication's Editors — all Writers join free. And with uncapped ultra-high performance hosting, Storipress will support you when you go viral, forever, and always.

Pricing Example

Your publishing team is on the Blogger plan ($14 / Editor / M), and consists of 2 Admin Editors and 6 other users.

Your Bill

Only Admins count for billing, so your monthly subscription is $28/M ($14 * 2 Admins). No extra data fees. No complex add ons. Simple.


Better features, best in class site performance, zero complexity. Switching to Storipress? No-brainer.


Unlimited storage and ultra high performance hosting (90+ Google PageSpeed) for leading SEO.
100+ builder blocks to create your dream publication.
Integrations to Disqus, Google Analytics, AdSense, MailChimp, and Slack.


For early stage indie publishers with a writing team


All the benefits of Personal and:
Invite other editors and writers to your publication
Kanban article staging to simplify your editorial workflow
Write as a team with collaborative editing


For larger publishers who need brand building and audience engagement features


All the goodness of Blogger and:
Create and hostmultiple publications on one account and login.
Enterprise grade commenting platform
Publish without the Storipress badge
GraphQL API to connect to custom front-end solutions and create automations (upcoming)


For series publishers, our cutting edge CMS architecture reduces your tech spend by 90% — guaranteed.
All the greatness of Publisher and:
Create unlimited publications on a single plan
Extensible core for custom features and ad solutions
Assisted migration
Enterprise-grade scalability, security and support
99.999% uptime SLA
Custom Domain + SSL
Page requests per month
99.999% uptime SLA
Collaboration basics
Active Users
Editorial calendar scheduling
Make it easier to plan your editorial by visualising all your past and future content in a calendar
Kanban article staging
Manage your article editorial review process on a kanban board. Storipress lets you replace your constantly out-of-date spreadsheets with an always in sync, single source of truth.
Collaborative editing & commenting
Publications per account
Create and manage multiple publications using a single, shared account for yourself and your whole writing team. Easy publication switching allows writers who work cross-publications to easily context switch.
150+ customisable theme blocks
Advanced SEO tools
Infinity scroll
Users navigate your articles on an infinite scroll. Infinite scrolls mimic social feeds and increase pageviews by 20%. Conventional infinite scrolls have poor SEO, but Storipress' infinite scroll is optimised for SEO
Disqus comments + other integrations
Email collection
Publish without Storipress badge
Custom integrations to enable paywalling, Parse.ly, etc.
Enterprise grade comment system
AMP Support
Multi-channel dist. (e.g Apple News)
Use Storipress' headless API to distribute content across channels like Apple News, Flipboard, Readly, etc.
Developer Tools
Migration help
For customers on annual plans we offer migration assistance to help import your content to Storipress.

- Basic: Medium
- Standard: WordPress, Ghost
- Business: HubSpot, RebelMouse

For enterprise customers with complex or custom deployments, Storipress devotes a dedicated team to migrate your content across.
Public GraphQL API (upcoming)
Post launch, Storipress will be releasing our public GraphQL-based API you can use to connect Storipress to a custom front-end as well as create custom automations
Extensible core for custom features and ad solutions
2 Million
5 Million
Dedicated Enterprise

Supporting Students and Non-Profits

Storipress proudly supports youth media and ethical journalism and provides 15 Editor seats for student and non-profit local publications on a single seat plan. Shoot us an email to determine eligibility.

Easily migrate from WordPress.

Running on WordPress and have thousands of posts? Easily migrate your content using our WordPress plugin.

Next-gen image optimisation

Currently paying for image optimisation? Storipress' native image optimisation is not only is free, it supports the nextgen image format, WebP, beating everything else.

Own your data

At Storipress, we don't believe in lock in. If we're not the best solution for you, easily export all your content in a single, clean JSON file.

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