Focus on creating the best content, not selecting the best plugin.

Lightning fast, ultra reliable hosting. Inbuilt SEO and distribution tools. Headaches? Not built in.


Experience world-class speed & reliability

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91 pagespeed extreme performance
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Powered by AWS & CloudFront

AWS provides a global infrastructure supporting millions of sites. While CloudFront delivers your content in milliseconds.

SEO and Social

ML powered SEO tools more powerful than Yoast. Facebook and Twitter integrations that automatically share your articles to Facebook and Twitter at optimal times.
For the technical folk out there
Storipress is 2x faster than Google AMP
With AMP no longer getting preferential SEO from Google, you can say goodbye to a framework that's both a pain to work with and increases Google's control over our open web.


Enterprise-grade scalability & security. Blog-friendly prices.

Storipress is powered by JAMstack, a new technology that makes sites blazing fast and more secure. JAMstaack is so cutting edge, we’re the first ones to implement it in a site builder.

210+ datacentres & servers worldwide

To ensure your publication loads fast, always all the time.

Infinitely scalable server fleet

So when you go viral, your publication stays up without a sweat.

SSL comes standard

For free. So you enjoy better SEO, and your readers never have to experience those annoying security warnings.


Updates in minutes, not hours

With Storipress, content and design changes are always just a click away. Storipress is code(optional), meaning you can say goodbye to bugging your developers, waiting for a codebase to deploy, or touching a code editor.

More than just getting your publication live

Storipress' hosting is packed with features that make running your publication easier.

Custom forms

Integrate your favourite mail provider like Mailchimp to collect reader emails to create email subscribers.

Built-in professional SEO

Keep your SEO in check with XML sitemaps and customisable meta-tags — no plugins needed.

Integrate anything

Easily integrate Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and other marketing tools by dropping custom code snippets in your site.

Awesome site search

Hyper-fast full site search is built into your publication. Powered by MeiliSearch, a faster and powerful alternative to ElasticSearch.

Zero maintenance

No updates to run, packages to install, or headaches to deal with. Just publish your site and let us take care of the rest.

99.9% uptime SLA

We’re so confident your site won’t go down we’ll reimburse you if it does, whatever plan you’re on — something unheard of in managed hosts.

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