The best text editor ever created

An editor that lets you focus on what's important, at every stage of the story creation journey. Storyboard, draft, polish, and visual design, all under one control surface.

Built for Collaboration

A beautifully minimalist editor

Collaborative editing, reimagined. Storipress enables writers to use a single text editor from draft to publish. Meanwhile, Editors can avoid context switching by copy editing, SEO, and updating workflow from a single control surface.

The most beautiful editing experience ever made.

Collaborative editing

Work together on the same article simultaneously. Storipress is the only CMS with collaborative editing built in.

Inline Comments

Track changes, add highlights and have threaded conversations with your team.

Built for speed

Style your content with a contextual menu, or go mouseless with slash commands.

Embeds from over 3,000+ sources

More than just a formatting tool, insert rich content like images, tweets, videos, and embeds in your stories.

Write with AI (invite only Alpha)

Access the limitless power of AI right inside Storipress. Work faster. Write better. Think bigger.

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Dan Coppel

CEO & Founder


Storipress' performance is incredible - the best perceived speed of any web app I’ve ever used.

Create Social Posts

Integrated social crossposting

Craft your social media posts directly within the Editor and seamlessly share your story with your followers by connecting Storipress to your social media accounts. Your posts will automatically go live as soon as your article is published, making it easier than ever to keep your audience engaged and up-to-date.

Automatic social sharing in the Storipress editor
Automatically draft social posts from Storipress.
Live preview

Bring digital editors to the modern era

With the flick of a switch, Storipress renders your content as if it were live on your site. What's better is that you can continue to write in preview mode, almost as if you were writing content.

Live preview of articles in the Storipress editor
Storipress brings design and copy editing to live preview.
Image Focal Points

Focus on what's important

The critical elements of headline images are frequently cut off on mobile screens. Storipress' focus picker algorithm expertly recognises the image's most significant visual aspect and then skillfully crops it to fit all screen sizes.

Drag and drop image focal point picker
Ensure your images retain their impact, regardless of the device they're viewed on.
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Anushka Joshi

CEO & Founder

Storipress' performance is incredible - the best perceived speed of any web app I’ve ever used.

SEO Tools

Enterprise-grade SEO

Designed for professionals, made available to all.

SEO guidance provided by the Storipress Editor
Outrank your competitors with Storipress' enterprise-grade SEO tools.

SEO tools

Robust SEO controls allow you to create custom tags, URLSs and social meta, all with search and OpenGraph preview.

SEO assistance

With over 30+ rules, the editor automatically notifies you when your SEO does not conform to best practices and prompts you to correct them.

Alt text indicator

Adding image alt-text is essential for SEO. Storipress' editor highlights photos with missing alt-text, ensuring the final touches are never missed.

Never forget to add Alt-Text.
Custom Blocks

Create to your heart's content

With custom blocks in Storipress, you can easily create reusable chunks of content that you can add to your article and style them however you like with Karbon or another front-end framework.

Custom field editing in the Storipress editor
From affiliate blocks to CTAs, custom blocks let you do more.
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