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Storipress is a designed to remove obstacles. Robust yet user-friendly, it helps you to plan ahead, make better strategy and create faster. You won't need to develop best practices for utilizing Storipress — we have already built them in.

Kanban board

Track content. One stage at a time.

Minimalistically designed, the kanban view lets you instantly know who's responsible for what and how ready an article is for publication.

Understand your pipeline at a glance.

Fully customisable

Add and remove columns and stages to fit your newsroom's unique editorial workflow.

Fly through your articles

Dragging and dropping cards work at breakneck speed with powerful keyboard shortcuts to get you there even quicker. Zero in on what matters until all content moves to published.

Get updates via Slack

Receive real-time Slack notifications every time an article's state is changed.

Quickly find what you're looking for

Search articles by title, tag, desk, author, and publish or last edited time. Whether you're just starting or have millions of articles, with Storipress' unparalleled built-in search, navigating your archive is effortless.

Chris Titley

CEO & Founder


Storipress' performance is incredible - the best perceived speed of any web app I’ve ever used.

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Calendar Content Planning

Context-aware content planning

Strategise your content with contextual awareness. Storipress' content calendar is designed to enable strategic decision-making at your audience's scale.

Put content strategy in context.

Plan visually

Viewing articles in the context of time makes it easier to plan content strategy to keep your audience engaged and spot articles that need to catch up or where authors may need more time.

Schedule deadlines

Creating a new article from the calendar also schedules it. However, a scheduled publish is only triggered if the content has moved to the last column in the kanban board.

A weekly view for high-volume publishers

If you publish 10+ stories a day, a weekly view brings order to your frantic pace of content.

Andrew Mason

CEO & Founder


Storipress' performance is incredible - the best perceived speed of any web app I’ve ever used.

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Permissions, Rethought

Category based permissions

Inspired by physical newsdesks, Storipress' content-category-based access control allows you to restrict team access to your publication based on article categories.

A permissions system designed for the newsroom.
Social Media Management

Content distribution, solved

Have your social media strategists use the same tools as your editorial team by having them draft social media and schedule posts, directly within Storipress.

Unlimited Publications

Manage all your publications under one roof

Unlike other platforms, Storipress allows you to create unlimited publications using one plan, without additional charges.

Multi-publication, natively supported.

A single account for your team

Your entire team can access your network of mastheads using a single login, increasing team productivity.

Syndicate content cross-publication in one click

Cross-post content from one publication to another in a single click. Lock editing of the story to the master copy to prevent unintended changes, and have modifications to the master be distributed network-wide.

Integrate with Shopify

Multi-platform by design

Connect Storipress to Shopify and stand up a professional, SEO optimised blog in seconds. Webflow? We're listening. A Webflow connection is coming in Q2.

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