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The best editor ever. "Google Docs on steroids."

A visual editor that integrates seamlessly with your SEO + editorial management tools.
Collaborative editing flags

An editor that works for everyone


Storipress enables writers to only use 1 text editor from draft to publish, streamlining the creative process.


Edit, comment & control article staging, with inbuilt SEO tools ensuring articles are always ranked on Google.


One text editor instead of many. Collaboration, reinvented

Writing content in Storipress' editor is like writing directly on a web page — Storipress uses the article template you designed in our article designer to render your content, live. And with real-time collaborative editing, never restyle content from Google Docs to your CMS again.
Jraft's editor with collaborative editing in action
Jraft's collaborative editing in action

Do more, together

Everyone can work together in the same article at the same time, with changes being updated in real time. Storipress is the only CMS with collaborative editing built in.
Jraft's collaborative editor in action

Contextual styling

Style your content with pre-set text styling options using Storipress' contextual popup menu. Header tags are intelligently generated with your text styling, making your content easy to read for search engines.
Jraft's editor 'card-style' UI for inserting rich media and images

Insert anything

More than just a formatting tool, insert rich content like images, tweets, videos, embeds and markdown using dynamic cards.
Jraft's focus picker for selecting an image focal point and automatically cropping for different screens

Headline image focal points

Headline images often have their most important parts cropped out on mobile screens. Storipress' focus picker identifies the most important visual point of the image and then intelligently crops it for all screen sizes.
Jraft's focus picker for selecting an image focal point and automatically cropping for different screensJraft's editor 'card-style' UI for inserting rich media and imagesJraft's collaborative editor in actionJraft's collaborative editing in action


Work together with your team anywhere, anytime.

We know how frustrating it is managing content across platforms, so we designed Storipress' editor to be your one-stop editing workspace.
Leaving editor comments in the editor for draft articles

Inline commenting

Track changes, add highlights and have threaded conversations with your writing team. Your edits are saved automatically.
Jraft's article management functionality in the editor

Powerful SEO controls

Powerful SEO controls allow you to create custom tags, URLSs and social meta, all with search and OpenGraph preview.
Jraft's article management functionality in the editor

Control article staging

Editors can approve articles for publication right from the editor, marking them as having passed your quality control checks. Only articles marked for publication will be published on their scheduled day.
Jraft's editor showing a visual indicator for missing alt text

Missing alt-text indicators

For SEO best practice, alt-text needs to be applied to images. Albion visually shows you which images don't have alt text so you never forget to add alt-text to images again.
Jraft's editor showing a visual indicator for missing alt textJraft's article management functionality in the editorLeaving editor comments in the editor for draft articles

Built with typelovers in mind

Typography is crucial to your content and we know it. We believe fonts should be easily accessible, and we've curated hundreds of fonts by the best foundries and independent designers in the world

Integrate anything

Add custom code to your site’s header and footer to connect Google and Facebook analytics. Additionally, connect your Mailchimp to build loyal subscribers.

Next-gen image optimisation

Paying for optimisation plugins? Storipress  automatically resizes, optimises and converts all images to WebP, a next gen image format 35+% smaller than JPEG with no quality loss.

Extreme performance

Storipress' block based approach allows us to output ultra optimised code which loads 50%+ faster than the New York Times for ultimate SEO

Perfect SEO — without plugins

Storipress has all the fundamental technical modern SEO features built in. Metadata controls, automatic XML sitemaps, RPC pings, robots.txt + more — no plugins necessary.

Compare Storipress with


Open-source, but needs extensive customisation, plugins, custom development work, and ongoing maintenance.


It’s a professional publishing platform with a robust CMS and workflow features facing up against a drag-and-drop tool — is there even a contest?

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Ditch the spreadsheet and manage your writing team efficiently.


Design and build a performant, well designed publication, quickly.


Maximise your readership, monetise your audience.


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