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The value of your publication lies in it's brand, and without great design, you can't have great brand. Storipress design tools unlocks the brand value of your publication to realise your content's potential.
of mobile users don't read an article that takes more than 3 seconds to load
Source: Google Industry Benchmarks
13 seconds
Average WordPress (NY Post) load time (TTI).
10x faster
than WordPress, with an average load time of 1.2s.
For the technical folk out there
Storipress is 2x faster than Google AMP
With AMP no longer getting preferential SEO from Google, you can say goodbye to a framework that's both a pain to work with and increases Google's control over our open web.

Performant Design, Easily Done.

It all starts with the block.

If you've ever built a content website, you'll know how difficult coding it is. Storipress gives you over 100+ customisable, professionally designed code blocks optimised for content discovery, ensuring readers never miss your stories.

Insert a block

Storipress comes with over 100+, professionally designed blocks for you to stack. For those handy with code, upload, reuse, and share your blocks with your entire team. Forget hassling tech teams to make a font the perfect shade of grey — Storipress' builder allows them to make changes to your code on the fly.
Jraft's publication building functionality connecting content types

Connect your content

Easily establish relationships between content categories and page sections to dynamically update your new content. Header tags pre-applied with the block so you can forget about manually adding SEO tags.
Jraft's publication building software with editing features showing

Style it with ease

Style any part of the block to fit your fancy. From adding your logo to changing fonts and background colours, all blocks are easily customisable with Storipress creating clean HTML & CSS.

It's as simple as that.

Storipress' block based approach to site building is modular, maximises performance, and ensures mobile responsiveness — Storipress optimises everything from the design user experience, site performance, and SEO.

Our mission: we handle the tech, you handle the content.

Designing article templates is just as easy.

Like our page builder, Storipress' article builder comes with a variety of professionally designed templates for you to customise. From font size to custom drop caps and pull quotes, Storipress allows you to adapt the styling of an article template to suit every style of publication and any screen size.
Jraft's article design functionality

Increase engagement with infinity scroll.

Today's user is trained on infinite scroll from social feeds like Instagram — every time a user clicks a button to read another article, you risk losing them. Storipress implements infinity scroll on all your articles, increasing page views by an average of 20%, letting you get better results on fewer ads.

Built with typelovers in mind

Typography is crucial to your content and we know it. We believe fonts should be easily accessible, and we've curated hundreds of fonts by the best foundries and independent designers in the world

Integrate anything

Add custom code to your site’s header and footer to connect Google and Facebook analytics. Additionally, connect your Mailchimp to build loyal subscribers.

Next-gen image optimisation

Paying for optimisation plugins? Storipress  automatically resizes, optimises and converts all images to WebP, a next gen image format 35+% smaller than JPEG with no quality loss.

Extreme performance

Storipress' block based approach allows us to output ultra optimised code which loads 50%+ faster than the New York Times for ultimate SEO

Perfect SEO — without plugins

Storipress has all the fundamental technical modern SEO features built in. Metadata controls, automatic XML sitemaps, RPC pings, robots.txt + more — no plugins necessary.

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